7 types of Lingerie every woman should own

When it comes to our clothing, we are all too familiar with the staples. Whether it’s the perfect white t-shirt, the LBD or the jeans that just make us look and feel incredible, we all own them and we LOVE them.

Well, with lingerie we should have the same approach, a few carefully selected staples that work with our wardrobe. Here are our top choices:

A Basic T-shirt Bra

A well-fitting t-shirt bra is an essential and is likely to be the most worn bra in your wardrobe. Surveys conducted by a British underwear brand show that almost a third of women only actually wear two bras, despite owning many more. They simply rotate their two comfy favourites.

Comfort and smoothness are the important factors here, something that is pretty invisible under the tightest of tops. Once you find the one that fits you perfectly, my advice is to buy a couple and ensure you have it in nude for those white or sheer tops, as well as in black.

Black Lace

Everyone must own at least one super sexy set of black lace underwear or at least a piece.

If lace brings on a fear of frills then rest assured there are other ways of getting some lace into your life. Firstly, an all over lace bra can have a smooth effect, whether molded or just sheer lace, the right one can still be worn under a tight fitting top without lumps and bumps. You can even opt for a smooth microfibre cup with lace band or cradle leaving the cup itself super smooth.

If you are determined to be lace free on top, pairing your favourite T shirt bra in Black with some lace undies is a simple way of making your everyday favourite a sexy set. Just a fabulous lace thong, a lace back Brazilian or all over lace boyleg and you are good to go.

Seamless or No VPL Panties

A must-have panty is the one designed not to be seen under clothes, ideally one close to your skin tone so it can be worn with the lightest of fabrics. It doesn’t have to be a thong for those who fear the cheek wobble, just look for panties that are seamless; the purpose is to have a near invisible panty for those outfits that require such a smooth line. Think white jeans and tight leggings - these are the items that pair up nicely with a NVPL!

Look for laser cut - these are the panties that essentially lack a hem or seam on the sides so lay flat against your skin. If you aren’t opting for a thong and are wary of the ‘bottom creep’, then look for styles that have a soft touch strip which helps them stay in place.

Sports Bra

This is a must-have bra that is quite literally close to my heart. If you didn’t read our blog on why it’s so important, then do so now. It is scary how so many of us scrimp in this sector and the damage we are doing to our lovely lady lumps is irreversible, so please invest in a good one if you participate in sporting activities.

Strapless or Convertible Bra

In summer, I often find I wear my strapless bras more often than my regular t-shirt bras, so I have a few favourites on rotation. Finding one that is comfortable and fits well can be challenging, but read our blog 'A great strapless is a must' for some tips. Most strapless bras come with removable straps so they can also be worn as multiways. Keep hold of these or ensure you have another multiway so you are ready for one shoulder and halter tops when you’re not wanting to go full on strapless.

Wire Free

The carefree go-to-bra is a huge trend at the moment. Whether you opt for a lightweight bralette or a more molded type, it’s often seen as the comfortable alternative to the wired bra. Before you ditch all the wired bras in your drawer, remember that a wire digging is generally a sign that the bra does not fit properly, as even wired bras should be comfortable. Good news for larger busts is that whilst the wire free was always associated with smaller busts there are more and more available in the larger cup sizes nowadays.


Shapewear gives you a more streamlined, slimmer silhouette in those figure hugging garments. With so many options available, it is hard to know where to begin. You don’t have to opt for something that restricts your ability to breathe, but rather something light that sculpts and smooths. Which item of shapewear you own really depends on the areas you want to address, but our recommendation is that you look for a high-waisted shaper panty as well as a fuller piece, like a body suit or dress. That way you are covered for most outfits. Good news is that there are lots of super sexy shapewear items on the market now so choose right and your shapewear can be as smokin’ as any other piece in your lingerie drawer!

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