A great strapless bra is a must!!

As the weather heats up this Summer – a great strapless bra is a must!!

The off the shoulder trend made an appearance last Summer, but for anyone who has been indulging in a little retail therapy, this season you would have seen that it is even bigger for Summer 2017!

Whether it’s a one shoulder style, a cold shoulder silhouette or the bearing of both those sexy clavicles, one thing is certain - you best be ready for having at least one of these pieces in your wardrobe this summer. Unlike the cropped top trend (which necessitated some of us putting in hours of ab work), this trend is slightly less hard work! But, unless you are lucky enough to go bra free, an investment in a decent strapless bra is a must.

Strapless Bras, if not chosen correctly, can be a torturous part of one’s wardrobe. I am sure we have all worn a strapless bra before that has started to slip down our bodies half way through the day or caused us to be endlessly tugging it up as prevention of the slippage from happening. If this has happened, then chances are it was the wrong strapless bra for you and we want to help you find the right one.

Whilst you should be able to get away with wearing your normal bra size in a strapless bra, it is sometimes worth taking the band size down and the cup size up to ensure a snug fit. Without straps, the band is doing all of the support work so you want this to fit really well. It is also worth mentioning that when trying it on, it should be tight enough on the loosest hook as after a few washes the band naturally stretches so then you have a few more hooks to tighten up the fit again. It is also recommended to look at bras with a wider band or a longer length if you have a fuller bust as this reinforces the support.

Don’t be fooled by the Strapless bra’s sister, the Multiway. Whilst some Multiways can indeed be worn strapless, many need the straps provided to be of any support. That is why a silicone lining, whilst not essential, is definitely worth looking out for as it is an extra way of keeping the girls in their place.

The Wonderbra Ultimate Strapless is a big favourite amongst our customers. And for those thinking that Wonderbra is reserved for the smaller chested ladies, then think again as this bra goes up to a E cup and provides all the support one needs with its ‘invisible hand’ shaped structure inside each cup.

If you are planning on showing off your back as well as your shoulders, then consider the Ultimo Low Back Strapless which offers fantastic support and shape. The low cut back makes it perfect for party and bridal dresses and it comes with removable gel filled cups if you are looking for a little more cleavage.

If you are blessed with a chest larger than an E cup or just larger than a C but looking for a smooth and seamless fit without too much cleavage, then try the Freya Deco Strapless Bra. It also features gripper elastic to help keep the bra in place giving you fantastic lift and support.

Whatever your size, we are sure you will find a strapless to suit on our site. And if you struggle to come right, drop us a line and we will happily assist you with your search!

So in summary – when looking for a strapless bra – follow these tips to find the best fit:

  1. No-slip grip!

Pretty much everyone can agree that the most important feature of a strapless bra is that it doesn’t travel south. Having to constantly shimmy your bra back into place can take all the fun out of your perfect off-the-shoulder look. Choose a bra with good silicone elastic at the cup edge and on the back to prevent slipping.

  1. Strap options

For many of us, our strapless bra sits around waiting for a special occasion to be worn. But with detachable straps in the mix, you add versatility to your bra and can wear it more often. Look for bras that include removable straps—bonus points for those that come with more than one pair!

  1. The right size cup

A strapless bra has to do a lot: stay put, support you, stay comfortable, and look smooth under your outfit. The right cup size is crucial for all of these.

  1. More hooks for larger sizes

Larger breasts need more support, especially when straps aren’t around to enhance stability. Look at the back closure: a good strapless bra will have a wider band and more hooks in back on larger sizes to ensure a snug and comfortable fit.

  1. Comfortable boning on the sides

Boning, the inserts on a bra’s band that help it keep its structure, are necessary for support. The downside is that on many conventional bras, they can quickly become uncomfortable. Choose a bra with boning that’s softly encased with quality padding.

Racerback tees, spaghetti strap dresses, off-the-shoulder tops… there’s no time quite like summer to go strapless. And who knows—with the right bra, you may just forgo straps forever.


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