Why you should wear the sexy lingerie

I am sure that we are all guilty of having some underwear in our drawers that quite frankly is just past its wear-by date. Whether an old maternity bra ‘that is too comfy to just toss’ or some greyish looking undies that were once a crisp white, it’s a fact that most of us hang on to certain items a little too long.

In the same drawer I am pretty certain that a large majority of us will have a selection of pretty lacy bras and panties that are reserved for special occasions. These little treasures are desperate to get an airing, and an outing from the drawer, one of these days. Do yourself a favour and commit to wearing that special set at least once in the next few weeks.

Some of us are under the misconception that if no-one sees it, there is little point in it being sexy. We should rather save the sexy pieces for date nights. Well, I am on a mission to convince you to do otherwise.

Dolce and Gabbana rightly said “Lingerie is the maximum expression of a woman’s femininity”. Wearing beautiful lingerie is not about the guys in our lives, it’s about US! Think of your lingerie as a sexy secret that is up to you whether you reveal or not. Just knowing you are wearing it will give you that extra bit of confidence. You will feel more feminine and those around you will tap into your inner radiance.

You would have heard the expression, "Burn the candles, use the nice sheets, wear the fancy lingerie. Don’t save it for a special occasion. Today is special". This is such good advice. We tend to save things in all aspects of our lives for ‘special occasions’ when we really need to start living for today and enjoying these items every day!

For some, just wearing the correct fit can make all the difference to how we look and feel. Many of us are wearing the wrong size bra. The reality is our size fluctuates and we don’t get around to upgrading our lingerie drawer. But by wearing a bra that is too big or too small, we aren’t doing ourselves any favours. Either we are subjecting ourselves to the constant discomfort of digging wires or slipping straps, or we are walking around with half full or overflowing cups. Wearing the right bra and panties is the foundation to any outfit and if you think you may be wearing the wrong size, chat to us so we can help. You can also take our fit quiz which will help guide you on what size you should consider trying.

So ladies, time for a clear out! Try on all the bras in your wardrobe, and if they don’t fit then let them go. If they have passed their wear-by date then consider replacing them. And should you find that sexy lacy number you haven’t worn in a while, then make a point of wearing this one tomorrow!



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